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Protoco started making protective covers in 1977.  We were known as the Red Jacket Man by putting red covers on tool. We sure have come a long way!  We can now make boots in multiple colors, form configurations our customers only thought about and we make come true.

We also expanded into the Specialty Tool business.  We make a variety of tools for our customers to their requirements. 

Protoco makes a complete line of Crab Pots, Shrimp Traps and Crawfish Traps.  There are also other Marine products that are available.

Today Protoco manufactures protective covers, plastic injection molded products, fluidized powder coated products, coatings, marine products and custom packaging.

In 2008 Protoco was sold and we are excited about expanding the product line to meet the ever changing demands of our customers.  If there is an idea of what you want, we can help you make your product come to life so that you can satisfy your customer needs.

Please contact us so that we can help you and see what we are expanding into!


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